August 2015 Trip Report

blog 1 PhotoDear brothers and sisters,

We thank God for your prayers and other support that you have provided to the August 2015 trip to Haiti. Even in the midst of an important election in the country, our travel on the road between Port-au-Prince and Cayes were uneventful. We were welcomed at Marie-Lucie’s Guest House on Friday night with a hot meal and Doug, in particular, had his first night experience in Haiti with an orchestra of barking dogs and singing crickets singing him lullabies throughout the night. At least, that’s what he said because I did not hear anything.

We rose very early Saturday morning to attend the CMBH commencement ceremony at a nearby village called Martineau, not too far from where my dad used to pastor a church and the location of our family’s farmland. I remembered my dad greeting people as he passed by their house on his motorcycle. He knew almost everybody by their name. The landscape did not change much since I left. The road was still rugged and the Mapou trees were as big as they have always been. After 27 years, time was a constant. Read more